The pope must step down

28 Mar

Why do people need an intermediate to access God? Recently discovered documents have shown that the Vatican is no better than China, it thrives on blocking and manipulating information. Long long ago a Bishop has written a letter to pope saying that a priest in one of the churches is abusing children. The letter went to the office headed by Joseph Ratzinger who was head of the office (but not the pope) then, for some reason the office either ignored those letters and / or instructed to keep things in secrecy.

People must understand that religion has no meaning now. There are no Gods, Demons, Satans and blah blah, there is no need of an intermediate to access God and drive away evil. The mask of the Vatican has been torn again,  afraid of reputation damage the Vatican accuses media of blowing up the information. Well centuries ago this very same Vatican struck fear in the heart of Nicolas Copernicus who said Earth goes around the Sun and not the other way around.

Congratulations Vatican, hope your effort to keep people in darkness succeed.

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