Lets make bribes legal

07 Apr

Tuesday 06 April 2010 04:46:29 PM IST

Bribes are integral part of our culture

ஜாதி இரண்டொழிய வேறில்லை சாற்றங்கால்,
மேதினியில் இட்டார் பெறியோர் இடதொர் இழிகுலத்தோர்

The lines written by Auvaiyaar means that there are only two casts on this planet, those who give belong to upper cast and those who give are upper-cast and those who don’t are lower cast writes the Tamil poet. But between these lines she adds another line that is as follows

நீதிவழுவா நெறிமுறையில்

Which means that in an law abiding manner, so when combined it reads as follows

ஜாதி இரண்டொழிய வேறில்லை சாற்றங்கால்,
நீதிவழுவா நெறிமுறையில், மேதினியில்
இட்டார் பெறியோர் இடதொர் இழிகுலத்தோர்

So those who give in law abiding manner belong to upper cast and those who don’t belong to lower cast. Well what does this poem says is as long as nearly 4000 years ago people did give money to others in an illegal manner.We have been giving bribes for long long long long time. Its in our our blood, woven into our culture, I don’t think it can be eliminated.

Humans do dirty things for comfort

We as humans must admit that we do dirty things for our comfort. We kill animals and eat them, never have we thought how they feel. We kill fellow humans, destroy the concept of Ubuntu. We humans can’t live without doing bad. The reason why good people exist is because relatively evil one exist. Evil is woven as a part of evolution and into our DNA.

Lets make it legal

We can’t, never ever eliminate bribes. If we happen to take action on all those who give and take bribes I don’t think a single one (who’s an adult) will be out of jail. Then whats the point of shouting that something must be eliminated if its a part of us. The only way to eliminate bribes in this nation is by killing us all!

Lets not be afraid to face the truth. Lets not be afraid to admit that we are a ugly nation, lets be brave enough to make bribes legal and lift moral burden that sits on shoulders of many.

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