Disturbing things to hear

21 May

Recently space and time made me contact news persons, assistant directors, friends of friends of actors and actresses and even a former thud. What they say about film industry is extremely disturbing things that are hard to believe and make one think what the hell is going on in this world.

The thing they say is that actress compromise their virginity and have sex with those who can make them elevate them in silver screen and make them earn more. The moment I heard it, I felt this is rubbish.

Well take a girl, just because someone offers millions I don’t think a girl will compromise herself. As I grow up what I hear people talking about women highly disturbing.

One close Rajini fan said that Rajini visits a particular room in Le Meridian often where a girl waits for him. Another one said Rajini and MGR mouth watered for a actress called Latha. Rajini was summoned to Ramavaram Thotam owned by MGR, and they say Rajini is the only man who went to Ravamaram Thotam and to have come back alive.

My own driver has seen drunk Trisha slamming her BMW into a car of an honourable unknown Muslim commoner. When asked why she seems to have said ‘who told you to apply brakes all of a sudden?’ , well she should have maintained a safe distance. A auto driver who came to help that Muslim was insulted (this happened in ECR, near an auto stand). She threatened to get all auto drivers get arrested and challenged the Muslim to give complaint to police and to see what happens to him if he does that. She spoke all this dialogue while having a smoking cigarette between her fingers.

Well… what to say. Who knows who does what.

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