Why DMK must fall

25 May

I haven’t voted in a single election yet, I have long supported DMK for the Tamil cause they propel. This does not mean that I don’t say that Karunanidhi and Stalin are un-corrupt. I feel they are as corrupt as any politician would be. In this blog I would like to give reasons why people must not vote for DMK

1. Tainted Raja

It’s a well established fact that  telecom minister Raja is tainted. DMK people may deny it , but everyone’s heart knows it. DMK should have asked him to resign, yet they support him. More worst is the fact that Karunanidhi is defending Raja saying that he is being targeted by opposition because he is a dalit. What? Shasi Tharoor was also targeted, was he a dalit? Suck.

2. Minvettu Veerasamy

Arcot Veera samy is famously known as Minvettu (power cut) Veerasamy. Being minister for electrical department he shut out power for days in my area (Sithalapakkam). My business was cripples almost two weeks ago. This is the second time this kind of massive power cut is happening in the DMK’s five-year tenure. The first time this type of massive power cuts happened Minvettu blamed Jaya’s government. What? DMK promised a golden rule and here are they blaming Jaya? That sucks once again.

3. Murderer Azhagiri

Dhinakaran magazine and Sun TV conducted a poll in which it was established that Stalin would be next leader of choice for the DMK. Raged by this result Azhagiris men ransacked Dinakarans office, burned 3 employees of it to death and now the case against the murder is no where in court. What happened to justice?

4. Rowdy Duraimurugan

Duraimurugan, the minister for water ways is a rowdy. He was the one who humiliated Jaya in Tamilnadu assembly by  pulling a saree. Is this a gentlemanly act? I feel very disturbed.

5. Chidambarams victory in parliament polls

P.Chidambaram was declared defeated in past parliament poll. A recount was ordered and he won. He immediately went to thank Karunanidhi. I feel something fishy going on in it.

6. Support for caste based census

DMK, DK and other dravidian parties maintain that all caste are equal and they must be eliminated. Yet DK leader கீ.Veeramani want caste based census and DMK supports it. Is this a foundation for healthy society?

I think the time  for DMK is over. AIADMK is the same case. Possibly people of TN can experiment with Vijayakanth’s DMDK, but I think it wont be any better unless quality people enters politics.


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2 responses to “Why DMK must fall

  1. AK Rajan

    June 1, 2010 at 2:47 PM

    In 2009, DMK won because of money power. Telecom Minister filled DMK treasury well (Thanks to 2G siphoning). DMK spent reportedly Rs. 50 Crores in each constituency. All the surveys were saying that AIADMK had an edge, but in the lat minute (in the last 2 days), money was distributed by DMK men.

    DMK cleverly made sure leading Congress leaders like EVKS, Mani Shankar Iyer, Karvendan, R. Prabhu, Thangabalu were defeated.

    We hope Jayalalitha plans well and allies with Congress and poses serious challenge to DMK + alliance. Otherwise, you can expect DMK to return to power in 2011 elections.


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