Voting by midle class can change result

26 May

Much of us till now have refrained from voting from election since politicians have failed us. One must analyze why politicians favor the rich. It’s because rich people pump in money into political parties so that they get legal immunity and their things and desire are get done without any glitches.

There is a reason why politicians favor the lower-income class. this is because their society is ignorant. If some one among them takes up a leadership status and says that we must vote for DMK, then all will vote for DMK. If the status changes to vote for AIADMK then all will vote for AIADMK. Due to their ignorance they behave like a herd of goats.

Caught in the middle of rich and poor are the middle class who politicians fail to see because of the following reasons

  1. The middle class people don’t vote in huge numbers
  2. Though only a few vote, their votes are divided
  3. Much of the middle class is ignorant about politics

In Tamilnadu we have rice available at ration shops for Re 1/-, this is aimed at poor people. We have investor friendly environment, not 5Km away from my home, I hit the OMR where big giants like Paypal, ebay, Wipro, HCL are housed. As one can see there are schemes for poor and schemes for rich but no scheme for the middle class.

I urge all middle class people to come out and vote in these elections. Read the manifesto of your candidates. Don’t limit yourself with the narrow scope of DMK or AIADMK alliance, look at many independent candidates who will stand in the election. Among them could be (there is a very slim probability) a Suriya who features in Aiyutha Yeluthu. Who knows?

A message should be sent to big heavy weight politicians that we the middle class can bring change. Please do it.

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