Ruby makes programming so simple

29 May

At first I used Ruby to create a class ranking software for my mom. It was a console application that occupied 32 lines. I was baffled and couldn’t believe I had done so much in 32 lines (which included two lines of comment). Next after repeated failures I learned Ruby on Rails. Few projects after I used Rails, I was confident that I am an amateur Rails programmer. my Rails skills are improving by the day.

I got a classic project in which I had to design a web crawler. I called upon one of my friends to do it, he agreed. This thing took place yesterday evening. Late night yesterday I sat along with my  NetBeans and some rdoc. I typed the frame work of the crawler and it’s almost done (the core part of it). I haven’t even spent half an hour of code. All I did was to install hpricot gem and its 50% over. I don’t deny that there will be hundreds of issues popping up when I have chats with domain experts, but that’s normal.

I just can’t believe it. Programming has progressed to such an extent that even a 5th grade school kid can write almost any app. With the time savings I make on ruby I wish to study more about compiles, operating systems (the Linux kernel in particular), Android, and put more pages to my Rub book.

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Posted by on May 29, 2010 in Free Software, Ruby


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