BSNL Chennai call center sucks

03 Jun

Everything in BSNL is slow. Just now took more than 5 minutes to load. I called their call center 1500, the bell rang after navigating thru their phone based menu I was told by a voice : “all our customer care executives are busy, you will be attended to shortly” well then I waited for 3 minutes and my patience ran out.

I called up once again, I got the same response, this time I put the phone on speaker mode. Damm it even it takes 3000 years I wont end the call. I was working at my machine and after 6minutes I heard a human voice “Welcome to BSNL”. That guy took the complaint and that was it. Hopefully the problem must be resolved.

I wonder what happened to BSNL Chennai call centers, before my calls would be answered within a minute, now it takes around 10 minutes. Well everything about BSNL seems to be slow, only thing that seems to be fast is is their ability to send home bills and give a remainder to via phone to pay it. When this telecom minister Raja will die?


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