Days of Microsoft Windows supremacy numbered

08 Jun

I am writing this from one of my client office that still uses Windows. Most of clients have migrated from Windows to Ubuntu and have seen extreme reduction in time to maintain computers. With Ubuntu they say computers behave naturally. These words are from mouths of those who once told me Linux will never excel Windows, here we are now proudly claiming that we have changed their hearts.

Ubuntu operating system according to me is far far better than Windows. The world is waking up to its massive power. All over the planet Governments and other private institutions that rely critically upon computers to run their business are switching to various flavours of Linux.

Most of those who stick with Windows are people who are fairly illiterate with computer usage. For this blog I am using internet explorer. I don’t know how many spelling mistakes I have typed in this blog, if I had used firefox I would have got red lines that indicate my mistakes. It’s very clear that some kind of virus or bot is controlling my clients computer now and is manipulating Internet connection. No matter what virus scanner they put in, they still have the problem. All despite using genuine versions.

I think once people start using Linux and gets their basic doubts cleared they will never try using Windows again. Slowly but surely Windows is losing the battle for desktop market. If you think Linux does not look cool take a look at this video

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Posted by on June 8, 2010 in Free Software, Ubuntu


One response to “Days of Microsoft Windows supremacy numbered

  1. Sajib

    February 4, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    With Ubuntu, Computers behave naturally.

    That’s one true statement. 😀


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