Engineer must be an Engineer

16 Jun

Wednesday 16 June 2010 06:08:24 PM IST

OK,today I interviewed a girl who wished to work in my company. I asked about her project, she looked so happy and confident and told about it. Within next 4 minutes, with her own words, I proved to her that she wasn’t an Engineer.

Then I asked her from where she faked her documents? She looked startled. She did study in Anand Institute of Technology in ECE branch and has docs that say she is an engineer, but she isn’t an engineer.

Engineer is one who can study, analyze, formulate and build systems. Out of 1 lakh or so that graduate from Engineering, how many people are engineers? As like every year many parents asked me ‘should I put my kids in Engineering’. Well if their kid is dumb enough so that decisions must be taken by their parents, then they must be put into grave rather than waste resource of teachers.

When will people seek knowledge rather than money? When will they understand? Like Al-Queda killing Islam, in Tamilnadu and Karnataka Science is being killed.

My interviewing technique has made me look like Hitler. Ya truth does look harsh many times for the untrained mind. Once when I was interviewing for the beloved company Nanomidware, one of my friends Selvakumar called me up. He said I had tortured a girl from Satybhama University and I was harsh interviewing her. Like then, like now and like ever, I prefer Engineers to be Engineers, other please look at many other opportunities available to you.

Well another guy will walk in a few minutes into my garage for interview. God save Engineering.

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