Jayalalitha doing politics for hobby

16 Jun

Even if DMK looses (I think DMK must loose) , I wish some one other than AIADMK  / Jayalalitha comes to power. Jaya is so infamous that even AIADMK cadres hate her. Most of the time she spends in Kodanadu, none knows what she does there, her party is left alone, leaderless. All AIADMK people I have spoken to once wished to meet her, but she cannot be seen even by top brass of  AIADMK.

The communist who I still think are in alliance with ADMK slammed Jaya saying that she would lose election if she meets people only during the polls. She did take good decisions during Tsunami and when Chennai got drowned in heavy rain floods. Apart from that she is a mere solid mass of flesh and blood.

Her love of luxury, thirst for revenge, thought that she belongs to a royal family and belief in supernatural are all contributors of her downfall. I really hated her in previous rule. She would put some order BANG LIKE THAT. Then she will realize that order wont work and she will roll it back. Then Jaya TV will praise her that the our mighty mother had listened to the people.

She did do some thing good while in power in last tenure, for example the Veeranam project, Karunanidhi has failed in it, Jaya launched சின்ன வீரானம் and completed it successfully. She killed Veerappan as she vowed, she failed to destroy DMK. During her campaign she had vowed that she would destroy DMK 100% withing two years in power. instead her actions empowered DMK, Karunanidhi proved to be a master tactician.

The good thing about Karunanidhi is he builds the state from where Jaya had left. If Jaya comes to power she would destroy all the good work done by Karunanidhi and will try to start from scratch. Than to look for the throne of Tamilnadu, Jaya would be better off consulting a psychologist.

One of the AIADMK worker I met said it would be good thing if Jaya is thrown out of AIADMK and some one replaces her as the leader. But people cant do it because she has immense money and rowdy power.

Vijayakanth must try, must try hard. He might not be able to do any good to Tamilians, but at least we can experiment with change. Vijayakanth is desperate for money. So desperate that Andal Alagar Engineering college of his admits almost any student if they are ready to pay. They don’t bother about the marks. Lets see whats happens during and after elections. I think Tamilians are dumb enough and hence we will once again end up choosing the wrong rulers.

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Posted by on June 16, 2010 in Politics


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