Sign up against ACTA

18 Jun

ACTA stands for Anti Counter-fitting Trade Agreement ( What does that mean? Well suppose you go to a music store and buy a music disk, play it at home, you feel the must is divine and would like to share it with your friends, you log on to the internet and share it. The door knocks, the cops are there and they want to arrest you just because you shared something you own! Don’t you think that sucks?

Its true that you did buy the disk with the money in your own pocket, your very own hard earned money. Why is this thing is happening in our world? Well, some stupid cracks seems to think that if they create something thats good to the planet, they own it because the idea is their own. Their brain is not developed enough to understands that all ideas are derivatives of ideas before or even if its unique its the manifestation of basic laws of universe. These people are ones who run behind money and the one who directly or indirectly bribe politicians to run their election and political campaigns. This has made politicians to lobby for them and are trying to create and promote some thing like the ACTA.

To stop the world from becoming a Intellectual mess, please vote against ACTA here: , your action could bring a better world to the future of human race.


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