If I were God

22 Jun

Thing thing happened more than a year ago….

Unable to bear my speech questioning and disgracing God, my poor driver got fed up and asked me “What would you do if you were God?”. “Well, If I were God I would have done nothing. I would have not created a thing” said I. My un-philosophical driver was not able to understand what I said. He started to argue that if I were God I must create some thing and blah blah (the usual theophilic talk you see).

Well if I am God I surely would have created nothing. Why in this very universe things must exist. Why should I create some thing that would make me work more? I am God not mad to just go on creating things just because I can. Neither am I mad enough to create evil things then with all pains take an avatar to destroy it and reap a good name out of it. I am not film hero my dear universe, I am God.

I am not stupid enough to create galaxies upon galaxies with many stars whose energy spills out waste into emptiness, neither I am sadist enough to create a thing called suffering, nor I am a sick thing who wish to receive praises by curing the suffer which one suffers ( it is me who has created suffering in first place, doesn’t it make me look like real sick mad crack?).

Unfortunately I am not God. I think if such a thing God exist, it’s the most stupidest thing ever to exist 🙂 .

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Posted by on June 22, 2010 in Philosophy


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