Good move by lawyers

23 Jun

Karunanidhi says Tamil all the time, but as he celebrates the 9th international Tamil conference, lawyers in Tamilian high courts are starving to death to make Tamil as language of choice in our courts. Look how comedy is the issue. If I face some case that a Tamilian has charged upon me, I face it in penal court in which me and my offender and I can clearly understand whats going on as our lawyers will argue in Tamil. Suppose if the case gets promoted to high court, people must argue in English! What a stupid law this nation has.

In Hindi speaking states, lawyers there argue in their mother tongue in their high courts. Why can’t the same thing happen in Tamilnadu? This thing really looks ridiculous to me. I don’t understand why Karunanidhi is not supporting it? It could be so this protest was stirred by his arch rival Jayalalitha, but still there is a valid point in this protest and it must be taken seriously.

With Tamil as court language, lawyers can think easily, present their facts in a natural way rather than to struggle with a foreign language that has slaved us. Though government (which claims Tamil is above all) is not supporting them, the defiant lawyers have started to speak in Tamil in our high courts. This is an excellent move. No matter how many thorns they face lawyers must remain defiant and must make the Tamilian flag fly high in our courts. My sincere wishes for them to succeed.

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Posted by on June 23, 2010 in Politics, Tamil


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