Don’t buy Reliance broadband

27 Jun

Recently few of my friends reported that they were unable to open up certain file sharing websites. When the URL was tried with other connections it worked fine. All those friends of mine were using Reliance boradband or other form of Reliance internet connection.

This website blocking thing by Reliance is a blatant violation of consumer rights. Reliance never educates its potential customers that they block certain websites, they claim their broad band and internet connection is the best in India.

An Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) job is just to connect to the clients computer to the larger world wide web and that’s it. They have no moral or legal right to track down what the consumer does, nor do they have right to block certain content on the Internet. If their client does something illegal, it’s the job of the legal system of this very nation to take action.

Apart from blocking, the ISP of such a cheap caliber could be doing things like slowing down the connection when you try to get on to a website which is of their potential competitor. Lets say that Microsoft Office Live has secret deal with Reliance, then Reliance will slow down Google docs and make you annoyed so that there is good chance for you to switch to Microsoft office live.

The potential of manipulating your internet connection hugely enormous and this blog isn’t enough to discuss it. They could be stealing your email content for targeted marketing. Who knows what they do? So avoid Reliance Internet connection and if you have got one switch to other ISP as soon as possible. Please know your cyber rights.

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Posted by on June 27, 2010 in Electronic Freedom


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