The minds that Mark Twain saw

18 Jul

Recently I studied a bunch of humans, all Indians. I noticed a certain fact. One among them seemed to claim that life was always a misery. That human seemed to claim suffering was present all his life. My brains began to roll. Certainly there could be a life that’s totally engulfed in suffering, for example a person who has a painful terminal disease. But this human was relatively healthy. I began to suspect that his brain is interpreting everyday chores of life as suffering.

“If every ones problems are piled as a heap, and if one is asked to pick those he wishes to have, he will gladly pick his and walk away” – Socrates.

Day by day, that humans problem grew. It reached a stage where the human started to worry about worries that occur in his mind. All that human did was to talk about worries he/she has, sit and think about his/her worries, and worry about it.

“Everyone talks about weather, but none does anything about it” – Mark Twain

It became a classic example of human behaviour when the human is helpless. We all talk about weather, but have we done anything about it? We do nothing but talk about it because we cannot do a thing about it. Its a sign of helplessness. In a similar state a psychologically affected mind, starts worrying about it worries and out of depression starts to talk about it in hope of finding answers.

And so by some miracle of events (I do not wish to discuss about it) the person was convinced to goto psychologist.

Moral: Watch your friends / known ones behavior. If one starts to worry about his / her worries, some how convince the person to meet a psyco and go for counseling.

If you want this stupid thing not to happen to you, here is a bit  of advice from Monty Python:

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