Law in Tamilnadu failing

22 Jul

NDTV HINDU reports thats crime rates in Chennai has climbed a lot. There are lot of murders, burglaries, fake medicine, doctors and now it has discovered a fake police station and a fake court that runs in Chennai.

When it asked the police why these things are happening, the police say that people too must take some responsibility and do some policing them-self. Let say that I hire a servant in my house, I one day complain that she is not house keeping properly and she replies that I must share part of her job. Then why the heck I need to pay her? I might very well reduce her salary.

We work, we pay taxes and police get salary from our hard earned money. Even if one buys a tooth paste he or she pays tax indirectly to the government. Where does all those money go? Why can’t the police force be increased? Why can’t they put cameras in every road junction? Chennai’s population is exploding and cost of living has nearly tripled in this DMK rule, this means more money for government, where are all those huge sums of money this mighty popuoation generate as tax?

If police wants people to share their job then why can they tell government to reduce income, sales, property, water tax and blah blah. Are we nuts to pay the salary and do our servants job?

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