Lenovo cheats its cutomers

22 Jul

In my former office my boss used to say that hi IBM think pad had worked where other laptops have failed. I once worked in a  industrial automation company where my colleagues and my boss worked in harsh hot and humid industrial environments. When I thought that I must own a laptop, I got my self a Lenovo (the company that purchased IBM computers).

The laptop did work fine, after 2 years its battery went dead which was normal, now I use it without battery. One fine morning I noticed a mosquito flying near my laptop. An attempt to kill it made my finger dig into the key board which made two of its keys pop out. I was able to put one of the keys in, the other I found had a small part broken and hence I can’t fix it to the laptop. Its a minor minor fault.

I went to Lenovo service center opposite to Velachery Vijayanagr bus stand. The man over there saw it and said Lenovo does not make single key spares, he told me to check it in electronic market Ritchie street. It was a great great let down. Everything in my Laptop was ok. It could last another 10 years easily, yet because Lenovo decided that it can’t help me, I have almost no choice but to ditch it.

What to say about a company that does not support its own product that develops a minor mistake. I really doubt Lenovo’s motive. Does it want its customers a good experience? Or does it want to push electronic gadgets to people get the money and forget about them. Because of one key, just one key I can’t type with my laptop properly, and its Lenovo and its attitude are to be blamed.

I don’t know what Lenovo is going to do about it. I called  044-30616500 (lenovo office in Chennai) its phone was always engaged. I called  1800-425-2666  (Lenovo post sales contact) its voice message and menu selection never lets me in. I am been put into a viscious circle of selecting choices and never end up speaking to any one.

Looks like Lenovo intention is this, its wants to make money by pushing laptops to us and forget about it once and for all. If some thing goes wrong you suddenly realize you are in the middle of ocean and none is there for you. For heaven sake never ever buy Lenovo products.


Posted by on July 22, 2010 in Electronic Freedom


2 responses to “Lenovo cheats its cutomers

  1. Nizam

    July 24, 2010 at 2:50 AM

    This seems to me as a result of d bloggers frustration and is over generalized and amateurish. Atleast lenovo wrked for 2 yrs and in the bloggers very own wrds is sturdy engh to last another 10 yrs. Tlk to others n ull knw how bad others r, for instance google never buy hp laptop n ull b overwhelmed with the no of results frm flabbergasted users,
    2 hours ago · Like ·

    I dont get how this could be claimed as a defective product.. It was an incurred damage and a story of yet another feckless person @ the customer care.. and that is customer support for u in India.. You can still order a replacement keyboard or get individual keys(depending on your model) from millions of stores out there…
    I ain’t any Lenovo advocate.. but jst felt perturbed when someone wd admonish buying a product after prying off a key for sake of a mosquito.. when there are no second thoughts that IBM(despite their recent Chinese adoption) are one of the few most sturdy ones in the market..

  2. karthikeyanblogs

    July 24, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    OK Nizam, a replacement key board costs $60, a replacement key costs $1, if you can send me the rest $59, I will buy a new keyboard. If you can send me $ 400, I will get a new laptop. The choice is yours!

    I never claimed defective product. I claimed defective support. You don’t put your self in a freezer if you have a fever, you just take a pill, is it not so?


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