Combating Piracy

24 Jul

Soon I will be downloading Inception from . I don’t think its illegal, because Mr.X got a camera (he owns the camera, and any photons that get into it), he (Mr. X) got a ticket to the movie Inception and pointed the camera towards the screen. I see no wrong in it. Later he used his computer to share the content stored in the camera memory, whats wrong about it? I really don’t understand.

Some people who like to make loads of money want to force every one to visit the theaters because they get paid by it. These stupid people fill in politicians pocket with gold and invent the names like Piracy, they make them-self so idiotic that they are not able to distinguish between a hacker and cracker, they simply don’t want to accept that greatest pieces of art and science produced by man are due to his desire to do so and not because some one said they would fill in his pockets if he did so. They believe sharing is crime. they think a human has  not got the right to capture the photons and sounds that reach him and its notoriously illegal to share it.

OK, dumb stupids here is way to make money. Before I explain like step by step for idiots, just look at thing iTunes, it makes heaps of money though all songs in it is cracked and is available online for free. Did your dumb mind worked out how its done?

OK lets say some one makes a movie, put it online and its DRM free. It can be downloaded for $0.99. Don’t cry “what?”. Look, people are lazy rather than to get data from their friend, they will hell happy to get it for $0.99. People don’t have data permanently with them, they loose it often, they would like to have it in multiple places, and hence they will download it again, again and again.

This download craze won’t stop immediately, good movies could provide incremental revenue till 10 years or even more. If cost is reduced, piracy will look too costly and can be minimized, but never  can be eliminated!


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