Simple mediation to keep your brain fit

28 Jul

My friends call me an animal, an insensitive gory guy, they get baffled when I start laughing when there is a gory or sentimental scene in a movie and they think I am nuts when I joke when the whole Earth is in doldrums. Well why that’s happening? Contrary to many beliefs, happiness and sad are states of mind, nothing else. Its ones mental makeup determines if one is sad or happy. I don’t want to go into Buddhism or long Philosophical discussion here, I will tell a simple technique which you can practice before sleep to clear your mind. This technique involves two steps

Step 1

Before you sleep, lie flat on your bed. You will sense some uneasiness in your muscle, a slight headache or discomfort. Concentrate on that till it slowly eases away. You will feel slightly relaxed. You can now proceed to step 3 if you don’t want intense meditation.

Step 2

Having done  step 1 do the following. First exhale and empty your lungs then….

  1. Count from 1 to 8, at one start drawing in air slowly, at the count of eight, your lungs should be comfortably filled with air
  2. Once again count 1 to 8, hold air inside you
  3. Count 1 to 8, at star of one exhale air, at the end of count eight your lungs should be fairly empty
  4. Count 1 to 8, keep your lungs empty for the entire count
  5. Goto 1

Do these breathing exercise eight to ten times, then follow step 3 below.

Step 3

Just roll on yo your favorite sleeping position, you will fall into sleep soon and with comfort.

If you don’t believe happiness lies within your mind, jut take a look at Che Guvera and Baghat Sing, they both died laughing!

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