Don’t mess up with women

30 Jul

Saw the movie Raavanan today, it was excellent! I really don’t know why some people say it’s not a good “Mani Rathnam” movie. It’s superb, I wonder why some of my friends gave thumbs down to it.One of my favorite TV channels NDTV HINDU gave it a thumbs down. But that channel is like a curd rice and vendaka sambar, quiet literally.

I saw the movie and it was amazing. Unlike many movies that encourage people / men to run behind women, this one says the truth. Women are like whiskey bottles, we men are attracted to them, just like dogs to bitches. Millions of years of evolutionary curse is burdened upon each man’s shoulder, it’s very difficult to avoid it. But if one drinks his end is near (or at the least the end begins). This like alcohol kills from within. It’s with caution we must proceed and many times its far better to put mind before heart than to face annihilation.

This movie also shows a shameful face of men. Men have never ever given respect to women and have used women as an instrument of war, trade, blah blah. Today the name of this trade is called marriage. A man should proceed with women as he does with nitroglycerin. When used in right way it can show us tons of gold below our feet, when manhandled, it will set out a social reaction that can blow us up.

I wonder when will women be seen as equal? Will man use them as a whiskey bottle till the extinction of humanity? Or do we have enough ,mental ability to turn the tide?

A final word to all those who believe Ramayana: Never before and never ever a Dravidian will wish for another mans women, never ever a true Dravidian will talk to a man via women. Ramayana is total spoof, an celebration of Aryan culture which brought oppression of women to this nation.

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