“Go to stone age” – Karuna tells Tamilnadu

01 Aug

The man (Karunanidhi) who claims that he has moved Tamilnadu from the shadows of darkness to golden age now asks us to go back to stone age. I saw headlines in Dhinathanthi (a popular Tamil daily), in it, it was mentioned that if we use more that 600 units (a unit is 1 kilowatt hour) of electricity a month, for every additional unit one rupee will be billed more as extra surcharge.

I really wonder how any civilization that has energy, food and blah blah restrictions can move forward. India is the country where people pay the most for electricity. A good government must focus on making people comfortable rather than worrisome. This stupid government order will put more burden on a normal citizen. Why can’t this stupid government produce more electricity. The government that has given 0.5 million color TV’s which each sucking up 200 watts of power one should know that this would cost the state an additional 100 million watts of power. In a state where power shortage and power cuts are a part of every day life, is it wise to spend crores of rupees on a project that would make the state more power-hungry? Well it is wise to do so, because it has made his family more rich.

Looks like the man who has lost his hair many years ago has lost his brain (or he has become too smart and is cheating us more). Put up more power projects Karuna, its will make your family more wealthy.

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Posted by on August 1, 2010 in Politics


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