BSNL broadband sucks

05 Aug

I have recommended it to many, but now truly BSNL broad band suck. Believe it or not my WordPress page took more than 5 minutes to load. This has become daily ritual, when the clock strikes 9 or 10 am the speed slags. Being a web engineer it requires for me to constantly be on the Internet. Automated programs which I wrote will check websites, prepare reports on their performance. I need to contact people working with me, we get to chat with clients over the net.

At 9 am the speed dips, and becomes dead slow. Even takes minimum of 4 minutes to load which is far worst than dial-up connection. At around 10 am I will call the BSNL help line 1500, at least five attempts are needed to get in touch with a human voice, the four before it the computer voice will say “all our customer care executives are busy, please stay online” , I will wait for 6 minutes and my patience will run out and I have to cut it and redial it.

Some times some one will pick up the phone, and I will hear people speaking in their office, they ask ‘what is for lunch’ and blah blah to their colleague, no matter how much “Hello'” I scream they will not speak to me. Looks like they are trained to annoy customers.

Finally when I do get to speak, the person will ask “are all web pages slow?”, he will ask the same silly details again and again (and I am giving the same details to BSNL everyday). He would then say note down the complaint number. Today my complaint number is 58201595. At about 4:30 pm the speed would pick u, then my phone will ring, the BSNL engineer on the phone will now ask “is your Internet speed okay?” , when I say I am experiencing down time during peak hours, (s)he will say “don’t worry it wont happen again”. Well that what I will hear today and possibly every day for many many days to come.

I really don’t understand why these people are trained to suck so much.

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