An injustice against Alagiri

12 Aug


Now this is real injustice. Alagiri is discriminated in parliament just because he cannot speak either in Hindi  or English. His request to speak in Tamil rejected! I don’t like Alagiri, he is a branded rowdy who killed people just because they said the next successor of the DMK is most likely Stalin and not him. In one political rally he said he will eliminate ADMK if DMK comes to power another term in the state. This is not the kind of statement a man who pretends to believe in democracy should make.

No mater whether he is good or evil,  his right to communicate in the language he prefers should be allowed. Is this India a nation? Does a land deserves to be called a civilized country if it does not allow its citizen to speak in their mother tongue? Are these Indians expecting Tamilnadu to gain freedom from it?

The government of India’s foreign policy is excellent, but the way it treats its citizens is flawed. Just see how many independence movements are voicing their demands in this union:

  1. Tamilain independence is voiced by fringe Tamilian movements in Tamilnadu. Originally DMK supported them, but as  it came to power in center it’s taking a harsh stand against it.
  2. The Nagalald people are voicing their will for more autonomy and possibly independence
  3. ULFA (united liberation front of Assam) has also voiced their opinion to become free
  4. The Kashmiri’s for very long have been striving to gain freedom
  5. Punjab – though their struggle has been quelled they could start again
  6. The Maoist (unofficially) are running a parallel government in India, their conquest area is bigger than that of Bangladesh

Will India consider treating its citizens equally? Or will it dance holding Hindi right above its head while the floor underneath it crumbles. Its time for this mighty union to decide.

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2 responses to “An injustice against Alagiri

  1. Seshadri

    August 12, 2010 at 5:36 AM


    When you have a particular requirement for a particular post, those should be fulfilled. How come your comments are only about Alagiri being discriminated. Was he fit for the job in the first place. Just because he is the bully son of MK, he was given the post. For a useless MP like him, this the best embarrassment. Sothula uppu pottu sapadaravana irrundha, MP positiona resign panniduvan

    Next when you have a big country with diverse cultures & democracy, there will be quite a lot of people who will ask for separate unions. That doesn’t mean that the country has a problem. US has been having problems with Texas for long time, but that never gets projected because BBC is more concerned in screwing Asians rather than US

  2. கருப்புசுவாமி

    August 12, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    லண்டனில் கூட தமிழில் காவல் துறைக்கு புகார் கொடுக்க முடியும். ஆனால் நாம் வாழும் இந்தியாவில் ஒரு மக்கள் பிரதிநிதி தமிழில் பேச முடியாது. இது தான் இந்திய ஒருமைப்பாடா? போங்கடா… நீங்களும் உங்க போலி ஒருமைப்பாடும்!!!


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