Should be cautious with Japan

23 Aug

Japanese are straight forward and hard working bunch of people. They work so hard that they have nothing call retirement. Its a good thing that India makes a nuclear deal with a disciplined nation rather than mad dog like USA. But there is a catch, Japan has clearly said that it would not supply nuclear material to India if India carries out nuclear test. This statement by Japan is a great threat to our sovereignty.

We Indians have got he right to defend our self, we have got the right to sharpen our swords at will. Why should any good nation tell us that our swords should be blunt? Will Japan use the same language against China? The reason is Japan is not a independent nation. USA after second world war has made the Japanese suck them. USA has ensured that Japan could  survive only if they can suck.

Should India make a deal with such a coward, yet honest and disciplined nation? Well, if we are cowards there is no other way than to make a deal. Though we make the deal we must behave like foxes. We must make sure that though we test our nukes, we still get uninterrupted supply from other channels. Or else there will be a sovereign India on paper but not in real sense.

Are we sovereign right now? I am using a computer that runs on Intel processor (Intel is a USA company) 😦

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Posted by on August 23, 2010 in Politics


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