Twitter is far better than facebook

09 Sep

twitterI tweet and I facebook, but one thing strikes me, Twitter seems to be fa far better than facebook. Apart from letting your friends know what the heck you are doing now, facebook is a junk and twitter is not! Facebook is much like orkut, stuck with social networking and thats it. It might be making money but I see it going no where.

I, here had massive breakage in Internet connection.The state run Internet company BSNL seems to be ignoring its customers. When I searched for “BSNL” on facebook it came up with almost nothing. With twitter I got latest news about BSNL. The latest now is they are offering sops for Ramzan, but I also got tweets that said BSNL seems to be involving in same fraud practice, many around this nation seems to be experiencing massive Internet problems.

In similar way when I search about programming language (Ruby and Ruby on Rails), twitter seems to respond really well. When I put up some tips, some expert sends me a message and I can communicate with him. In short I fell twitter is an excellent medium that lets you communicate with people of similar interests, but facebook is just to shout to your friends, apart from that it looks like a piece of junk.

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Posted by on September 9, 2010 in Web Tech


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