Up with my Ruby book

19 Sep

Finally published my Ruby programming book on . I think its a good book, or at the least not a bad one as I myself use it regularly for reference. If there is is some thing I forget in Ruby programming I just refer my book. Thats cool. I can be confident that others will feel the same.

I have a feeling that my Ruby book is better than that of others. Its certainly cheap. But I feel its really good to read, has less of blah blah and focuses more on learning Ruby. The next version or second edition I plan to release on December 1st 2010. It will have some advance topics like meta-programming and  will cover Ruby 1.9. I should also write about modules and mixins and regular expressions.

To  all who take guidance from me for development, my advice is this. Ruby is the future. It has got great features that many advanced programming language haven’t got. If one does not know programming, then Ruby is a excellent way to learn it. For those who boast about PHP as a web programming, I have go a word. PHP is a great language, no doubt about it. There is a excellent web development framework called Symfony written with PHP. But remember Symfony heavily borrows ideas from Rails which is written in Ruby.

With its great features, programming with PHP is a handicap compared to programming in Ruby. So try migrating to Ruby or get lost in time like those Perl hackers.

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Posted by on September 19, 2010 in Education, Free Software, Ruby, Web Tech


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