New twitter will blast facebook

23 Sep

I once wrote off twitter and facebooked that facebook is twitter++, packed with features and blah blah. As time went on twitter came back. I liked one feature about twitter. When I tweet  about some tech, some one, some where notices it and communicates. I was able to get real time updates about stuff I searched, it was cool.

Facebook was limited to my friends, when I posted only my friends could see what I did and I was shown only my friends feeds. It was limited and quiet boring to get in touch with the same people. With twitter I was able to connect to the entire planet. But twitter had limitations. It has only 140 characters. You cant embed pics and videos in tweets, all you can do is give its link.

Well, the 140 characters will stay, why do humans need blah blah when they can do a lot in 140. And if you have watched the video in this post, twitter had worked a solution to display images and pics linked in your tweet. Thats really sweet! So I am moving away from my good old facebook to twitter. So friends connect with me on twitter: @karthik_ak . Who knows whats next?

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Posted by on September 23, 2010 in Web Tech


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