ICICI bank bullied my friend

29 Sep

I don’t wish to give contact details of him. He is one of my best friends. This is his relation with ICICI bank.

My friend was working in an MNC. Like almost all men who fall for women, he was contacted by a sweet voiced girl who begged him to take a ICICI credit card and promised him it would do wonders. Ignorant of the fraud nature of this bank he went for it and he one day possessed a shiny piece of plastic with this magnetic strip.

The timing was right for the looters, a need came to withdraw money and he took Rs 60,000/- from that credit card. Things went on and he was paying his dues. When he had paid about Rs 55,000/- he lost his job. Things from then on went downhill and he couldn’t pay.

He visited me to get some work to keep things going. At that time he used to complain to me that these guys from ICICI would harass him. They would make repeated calls to pay the money though he had said to them that his financial situation was miserable.

Once he was talking to me in my office his phone rang, his face changed and I picked it up and blasted the ICICI goon who was speaking. At that time I came to know that the bank still expected my friend to pay another Rs 90.000/- plus to settle the loan. That is my friend had to pay Rs 1,45,000/- plus to settle loan of Rs 60,000/- . Isn’t that rubbish. The way with which the goon spoke was miserable, foul and disrespectful.

Unable to bear this repeated torture my friend changed his residence and phone number. Thankfully he is employed now and is in good financial shape and he wows never to have any relation with ICICI.

People just imagine, you put your money in ICICI bank, and they use it to threaten others. Don’t you think its sinful to put money in hands of sinners? Please ask your heart about this.

I also urge all talented workers who work in ICICI to pressurize your bosses to make the bank morally clean. If that doesn’t work try to quit and find a morally good job. Ask your heart weather if it wants to be a part of a system that puts in fear in hearts of your fellow human beings and destroys their hope.

Please be brave to fight evil.

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One response to “ICICI bank bullied my friend

  1. ICICI Bank Care

    October 1, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    Dear Karthik,

    We understand that our official had spoken to you. Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will share it with the right department.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.


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