Proper investigation into Common Wealth games corruption is required

08 Oct

The games are going on. India is bagging medals and as far as my knowledge goes, India is ranking after Australia in medals list. Nice! People are feeling good about it. A good cop does not let loose a serial killer just because she is a pretty girl. The nation must remember that whats happening is happening because those political guys have looted our hard earned money. It may look good at the top, but cancer is mostly under the skin my dear people!

The corruption in common wealth games is of quiet unimaginable scale. Almost everything was corrupt and went wrong and more money was spent to correct the mistakes.

I am quiet sure The Congress party will do all it can to hush up the corruption talk. Kalmadi and Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit and many contractors who have used the common wealth to make a fortune are congresses pet’s. No way the congress will allow proper investigation in this case.

I really don’t know what to do to punish the culprits who have robbed us. I feel powerless, Neither there is a way in this nation to vote out the ruler when he is corrupt. All we can do sit and watch as the looters enjoy looting this nation for five long years.

There must be a way to change our rulers when they get dirty. There must be a way to stop cancer as soon as we detect it. There must be a Proper investigation into Common Wealth games corruption. Think people think. Isn’t it time we change the system rather than watching fuckers looting our land?

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Posted by on October 8, 2010 in Politics


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