What should be marriage?

18 Oct


The marriage hall in Sithalapakkam is theming with human activity. There is a marriage in there. Last night there was loud music ( which even featured filthy Ghana songs ). When I slipped into meditative mode before sleep there was this fire cracker stuff, it sprang into sky, blasted put smiles on many faces and spoiled my mood to meditate.

All these made me wonder should this be marriage? Or is this a announcement that ‘I have lot o f money’ thing by two families in neighborhood.

I wonder where the stuff got changed. What should be a simple affair of exchange of commitments has changed into a thing that pauperized families, created borrowers who will forever be in debt, turned otherwise dignified people into beggars. I can’t imagine how stupid human has made himself in his quest to gain to social recognition.

I thought marriage was a good thing. I was out of my college, I had many close friends, I knew their parents well. One of my friend has two sisters, she was about to get married, out of the clouds her dad knocked my door seeking money. He was nearly in tears, it was only then I woke up and realized how stupid it was.

I really felt ashamed what we humans have achieved. From that time on I skipped marriages, how ever skipping some of my close friends weddings was not an option and I have to bear to see all those shiny waxed apples knowing that it had worms inside.

All is not bad, I have committed to my self that if I marry it must be purely an affair of exchange of vows and no more. it will be great if the entire affair costs less than Rs 5000/- (which includes gracious amounts of briyani gobbled by me). I urge my friends to do the same. Whats the point in showing the world that you can spend somehow? Most of my friends now are younger than me, very intelligent computer scientists with boiling blood thats ready to rush out of its veins. Why can’t you set up your minds and commit yourself not to damage families just for social satisfaction.

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Posted by on October 18, 2010 in Personal, Philosophy


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