This shaving thing

06 Nov

Shaving blade

Two days ago I was lazy (well I am lazy all the time). I had to shave, I took the equipments necessary and ran the blade on my face. I got so frustrated, I threw the shaving stick and plunged into the sink below. The blade was blunt.

Why on Earth if I could have an iridium tipped life long guarantee signing pen, why can’t I have a life long guarantee razor blade. This Gillette is getting too greedy, they are putting waste stuff on their shaving sticks.

Why can’t any company come up with buy once and use for ever shaving stick. Why on Earth am I forced to change blades after two or three shaves? These things sucks. Science must improve to make a man live like a man,make him feel lazy as he wants him to be.

I envision a great future. A man with a beard walks into his office desk, lasers scan his face, identify extra hair growth and burn out the extra hair automatically. The man can design his hair style on a CAD (computer aided designing) program, and lasers and camera’s pointing at him, guided by artificial intelligence do the rest.

Why can’t some company design a dust made of nano machines. All we have to do is to apply that dust on our face like talcum powder. The nano machines measure our hair size, if its too long, cut the extra portion like limber jacks does on a tree.

Why, WHY WHY WHY? are these humans so lazy and fail to come up with these devices on time? Whats the point of human race existence if it does not allow me to be lazy? Damn humanity.

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