The Enlightened Butcher of Sithalapakkam

10 Nov

The Sunday gone, my uncle was in meat shop. With prediction of storms and wind squalls, I took a car to back him up and to ensure safe entry of meat into my home and finally into my plate.

I was at the butchers shop and all looked fine. The butcher looked merry, tended his customers as he would do always. Talked about installing software on his computer to do share trading, and blah blah.The meat was loaded in the vehicle and we got home.

Then when talking at home, my family members told me that on that day, the very Sunday I went to buy meat, about 11 AM, the butchers kid is about to get operated in its head. It had fallen from a sofa, the 1 1/2 year old thing had a crack in skull and fluids had accumulated in its head. This sounds a major thing, but I never got a hint that a thing was wrong when I saw the butcher. I truly think he is enlightened.

‘What the butcher says about it?’ asked I. ‘All in the hands of Allah’ says he, said people to me. Religion has pushed him to enlightenment, but the way is wrong I think. If its not wrong to think of God to put on your burden upon it, then do I think its not wrong to seek a liquor shop to do the same.

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Posted by on November 10, 2010 in Philosophy


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