India should not become Pakistan II

13 Nov

Looks like USA is very pleased with what India is doing. India has lost the right to test its nuclear weapons (though not on paper). But it may gain higher power in the powerless United Nations. Wow we are becoming a Jack in the court of dumbs! Its slowly loosing its dignity like Britain of 1940’s and 50’s. And guess who is our new partner? Its the uncle Sam. The good old uncle Sam who once sent their nuclear ship into our waters where we were at war with Pakistan in 1970’s. Such was their desire to help Pakistan, that now because of their help Pakistan is now a state that can do nothing but to manufacture terrorists and bring destruction to this planet.

China is rising. USA is afraid of it. Secretively USA has marked China as evil (I don’t disagree that China is a evil power) and want to bring it down. Thorough history USA has used proxy nations to wage war on its enemies. It has used Great Britain to destroy Germany during the second world war, has used Pakistan to defeat Soviets in Afghanistan during the cold war, and now its trying to use India to defeat China.

If India is not careful, its going to loose, loose very badly and become like Japan in long run. Possibly prosperous but a nation without dignity. Like a prostitute. Is it for this our forefathers have fought the then super-power Britain and made us free? Think people.

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Posted by on November 13, 2010 in Politics


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