NIIT fools its students

25 Nov

A person waled into my garage today. His name was and still is Mohamad Rafiq, phone 9884688690 . He is just another battered guy who has come out of NIIT. He studied Java there on assurance from the training institute that he will get placed. Yet after nearly an year of completion he hasn’t been placed.

Its a sad story to hear. With his aging family, he must feed them, and he has nothing left but people teasing him of being unemployed. He said he had seen an add in paper now that offers job to any one in 99 days of training. He took his Java degree to NIIT and asked why he wasn’t placed for a year, but was received with confusing answers that gave him no clear picture.

Poor guy he was. To add fuel to fire, the counselor said that he will soon receive his job offer in his email, when he checked it a day after, NIIT had sent him emails, but it was not a job offer, but it was request to join new courses that promised glittering job.

When will these prestigious institutions get some morality in them? When will they stop fooling students? When will students think for a while than to continue blind quest to earn?

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Posted by on November 25, 2010 in Education


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