Distribution without production is stupidity

29 Nov

There was a man, he had three children, every weekends he comes home with cake in hand, a delicious one. His children loved it, they loved his father as any kid loves his or her father. The man was happy.

Weeks passed, one day the man knocked on his door, his kids opened, he handed over them the cake and they were surprised to find that it was half gone. When they asked daddy, he said he had given it for those poor children who begged him at the street end. The kids revolted but unfortunately you can’t change your father.

There was another man who felt that he must help poor like he helps his own children, he buys two cakes at weekend. One he gives it to the poor children and another to his ow kids. All were happy at the end.

Karunanidhi is acting truly stupid in the state of Tamilnadu. He is doing morally right thing like giving free cooking gas connection to poor, building houses for poor. He has totally neglected the middle class and that’s a stupid thing.

Or is Karunanidhi intelligent. He knows middle class don’t care about politics, but the poor vote. He is hence doing good to those who vote and is conveniently ignoring those who don’t. He is a bad leader.

Because of his stupid policy look what has happened. They ordered a gas cylinder at my home and it would take 21 days for it to be delivered. One of my friend too faced the same problem, His family was forced to eat from hotel for 3 days due to non arrival of cooking gas.

A client of mine who is a builder and a member of DMK lashed out at Karuna. Bricks that were Rs 4/- a few months ago, now is at Rs 7/-. Cement prices have doubled. Karuna must truly concentrate on Tamilnadu than securing a future for his family he says.

Karunanidhi is truly selfish guy. Just because he wants vote now in the coming election, he is taking foolish steps that would hit our state in the long run. How can any one distribute resources without ramping up production?

Balled head idiot.

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Posted by on November 29, 2010 in Politics


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