Wikileaks and Dynamic Democracy

08 Dec


I was just reading an article from The Guardian, reprinted in The Hindu. It told about how Wikileaks revelation has shaken up western governments. It also said a funny story, a few months ago Hillary Clinton was advising China about freedom of Internet and told it not to block Google. Now the same USA which famously advised, is now trying to kill Wikileaks.
The times are changing. People are becoming more aware. Governments around the word are fearing Internet. Some governments (like those in middle East) fear so much that block and monitor almost the entire traffic!
Te old democracy which took its roots in Roman empire is old. People are no more tolerant to corruption. People want justice fast, people want their leaders to fear them and not the other way around. Its time for dynamic democracy.
We must device a system where people can change their vote as and when they wish. I don’t vote, the reason, most of the politicians in my country are corrupt. Lets say that I vote, and find out that the man or woman I voted is corrupt one, morally even I am responsible to my nation. So I feel guilty and wanted to change the person in power immediately to stop the mess. I find out that I am forced to wait for some time before I am able to do it. Is this true democracy?
A person in power loots, covers up his or her loot, waits for people to forget and then once again contents for power. Is this democracy? I ask. If one wants real democracy, one must be willing people to exercise their powers as and when they will. Thats true democracy I say. Lets hope we get true (dynamic) democracy very soon. And I think the Internet (if its kept in freedom) will play a major part in it.

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Posted by on December 8, 2010 in Electronic Freedom, Politics


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