Religious music is killing me

17 Dec

This religious music is killing me. Today morning, about 5 AM I think, some one in this Amman cult turned on their speakers and I was woken up. It was quiet unbearable. looks like these stupids will never let their God sleep. Poor God 😦 .

Next it was this SUN or Kalaignar TV (god knows which one was tuned in), there is this interview going on and a Muslim in it is singing on top of his voice ad boasting about his hereditary musical heritage. Frankly he brayed and never sung a thing.

Then there is this Church near my home, the priest and disciples sing in dull, drab and dead voice. My God, r u really there?

I wonder when will these stupid humans understand that even out of remotest possibility, if God exists, its not the trust one has on God thats important, but the trust God has on one that counts.

And not to mention Carnatic music, the way these Chennaites brag about it, telling its ability to cleanse soul. Stupids they are. Why let soul get dirty in the fist place and worry and seek about ways to cleanse it?

Humans are funny species. Yet they torture a lot. Hope these religious guys get help from music pro’s like Raguman and other guys to improve their palatability.

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