De Desertification could keep up food supply

18 Dec

Sat 18 Dec 2010 09:40:16 AM IST

The worlds population has reached 7 billion and its pushing higher. We humans are proving to be doing exactly what nature has programmed us and all our fellow species to do, thats to reproduce. This has caused lot of night mares. Time and again humans have run out of resources. To keep up supply we have done lot of exploitation. We have destroyed forest, dominated our fellow species like goats, cows, pigs, ducks, rice wheat, veggies and brought them under our control. Dug deep into the ground, climbed tall tees to to get their fruits, dug wells for oils in ocean, and well for water in land and lots of blah blah.

When Europe got exhausted, Americas was exploited, and now we are exploring space for our future expansion. On one side we have civilization where food is being wanted, on the other we have kids in Africa who eat cookies made out of mud mixed with flour to fill their stomach. What a world!

With demand outstripping food supply, I think its better that powerful organizations start to exploit African, Australian, American, Chinese and Indian deserts to grow food. Technology exists to transport water from sea to this place in desalinated form. Once we can use renewals to transport water from sea, we can then start to grow crops. When nearly 10% of the world land mass blooms with food crops, we can see drastic reduction in food prices and hence people will become more prosperous.

The world can be some what hunger free till we go upto 12 billion heads. Will governments around the planet think about it?

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