Cloud computing requires lot of responsibility

20 Dec

Cloud Computing

So the age of the cloud is here. And cloud computing is quiet good in one way. How many times has one faced a problem of failed computer and has completely lost all data and wondered ‘why on Earth its happening to me?’. How many of you have lost your best family photos and other stuff just because of a computer mishap? Thee are lot. Cloud computing will solve your problems.

Google has an excellent idea, it wants to store all your data in its severs and not on your computer. Its like having a email. Most of us access our emails, its stored on a centralized servers and we can download it as we wish. In a cloud computing environment we store everything like our documents, pictures, music, videos and blah blah on to computer somewhere and retrieve them as we wish via the internet.

Some people are unhappy with it. They say ‘what if some one can misuse it?’, yes thats absolutely possible. Thats why cloud computing requires lot of responsibility. We need to have good companies with good people in them who would understand their responsibilities and treat their customer data with care.

The user must be responsible too. One must know what data should be put on the cloud. If one puts a confidential data on the cloud and finds it to be leaked one day, then there is no use worrying about it.

The cloud hosters must be democratic too. Recently removed wikileaks content from its servers and people around the world who advocate free culture and free information opposed it and even tried to attack the website.

In short, cloud computing is a great thing. It frees the user of worrying about failed computers and loss of data. On the other hand since its new, many are not comfortable with it. Any cloud computing company should allow one to manage his data the way one wants. It must allow one to easily port data between various clouds and make user feel its he who owns data and not his service provider. Any cloud hosting company thats morally superior will surely succeed in business.

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