Corporates and Genius

24 Dec

Was watching  program called swarms in Discovery channel. It was a documentary about how species having comparably less intelligence swarm together and function as a more intelligent unit.

For example lions are more intelligent and skilled than deers. A single deer is no match for a lion. But when they graze, they do it in group so that even if one is totally into eating, the other one would have a watchful eye. Even if one in a thousand catches the scent of a lion, it can alert others, hence saving the herd.

This animal behavior made me think about humans. There are two groups of humans, one who socializes and other that stays away. Think of a corporate culture. Socializing is a important aspect in it. You have meetings, parties, get together, trips and blah blah. Why so?

The one common thing I find common amongst corporate and the herd of deers is fear. Deers fear for their life and humans fear about their future and talking point (have you heard of a friend who says “I …blah blah blah in USA”, now thats called a talking point) . For example ask a person working in a corporate, all his ambition would be is to

* Live according to rules of society (follow the herd in short)
* Be satisfied with what he gets or what he can get (graze whats grown)
* Have a life of normal human (like getting married, having kids and inspiring kids to be like daddy and mommy)

The corporates think less, less adventurous in thought (they may be physically adventurous, but are mental dummies). They would like to drive their engine called life on tracks laid by others eons ago.

Well next lets come to the track. If you carefully analyze its history, it would have been invented by a genius who is far different than corporate. He would have been a loaner. There is no need for him to be one among the herd as he exercises his brain more often and has far more skills. In short he is the lion here.

Lets think what happens to a genius who joins a corporate firm. Its simple, imagine a lion among herd of deers. It stands out, roars, refuse to graze and chews on its fellow deers and the deers get so annoyed that they kick the lion out.

So whats the point about this blog? Its simple, each and every kid out there must decide. they must decide weather they want to be a deer that is been admired by society or a lion that roars and carves it path. If you feel you are lion, don’t ever join a corporate organization. Its evil. They take in a lion, if it roars they chuck it out. Else they make you like a watchman to watch for them while the heavy ones happily graze the same green grass.

To lions out there… life is a adventure and unfortunately its just once. Be what you are. Lay the tacks, never mind if people drive their engines on it or not. All that matters is your echoes must be heard far far ahead in time. It time to make a dink in the universe!

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Posted by on December 24, 2010 in Philosophy


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