Unfortunate fortune teller

27 Dec

It was December 21, birthday of my sister’s son. If she was my sister I would have ignored her, but she is my neighbor and I don’t know why she is such a nice person. That little kid of her’s is my sworn enemy and he invited me for his party and promised me Briyani. I could’t say no to a little boy. I cursed myself. Usually I avoid social gathering, not because they are evil but because I had to look at people who are really ugly in soul. People show up to show off and not because they like fellow being. But this time I had to go.

It was December 21 and we had to buy a present for him. I hate this presenting and receiving thing, but you can’t talk philosophy to a 8 year old, can you? Me and my uncle drove to Velacherry, parked the car in no parking zone. Some one had to be in the car to whiz off the moment you see traffic police approaching you for maamul (maamil is bribe) . This time I was the driver and I had to stay in the car and my uncle got out to buy a present.

I must tell my mental state at this time. I followed a girl who was quiet sweet with me. She talked with me in a tone and behaved with me like a kid. All made me fall in love with her. One day hesitatingly she appeared before me and dropped a bomb that she has a fiancée. I was stuck down. Who on this planet has understood the heart of a girl? Which society has given a girl full freedom to be open? We all have behaved as though girls are a possession and we have to pay for it. Digesting how Murphy’s law had played in my life I sat in my car with a dull face. Then the divine interference appeared.

A man dressed as astrologer, having a Venkatachalapathy dollar hanging in his neck, fore head with a thick streak of sandalwood talisman with a red kunkum center appeared. “Sir I see a divine light coming out of you” said he. (So what? Will it save me on lighting bills?) I smiled. Then after blah balahying he went on “think of two flowers” said he. I thought of Rose and Sunflower, then he blah blahed, “you know that its only you and God who knows what you thought of…” and he went on and on. then he said “you thought of rose and jasmine”, I said “no I thought of rose and sunflower”, “but you thought of rose, didn’t you?” he pressed, I said “ya”. that stupid didn’t stop, “for you to come up in life you musn’t do three things”, I couldn’t stand it. I was really vexed. “Sir, I belong to Periyaar gang, I don’t believe these things” said I with firm looks. It looked as thought he got shocked by my reaction. He showed a gesture as though I have missed something in my life and walked off.

If the God could tell him what flower I can think off, then why cant he tell him that I believe in myself and don’t wish to listen to this nonsense. How unfortunate for the fortune teller. I think he must check his fortune before he approaches some one.

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