Man Madan Ambu is good enough

31 Dec

Again I have been misguided by my  friends. Earlier they said Raavanan is a stupid movie, I posted it on my facebook and Twitter and when I saw it, what I heard was wrong. The same thing happened with Manmadanambu.

Some of my friends said it was not even worth enough to watch on a pirated CD, before watching it one of my friends warned me that it was so boring that he could watch it only for 20 minutes. But when I watched it, almost all part of this movie except the ending was excellent.

The ending was very confusing and I couldn’t make head or tail out of it for few minutes, the rest of the movie was good. Too good. Hats off to Kamal he has woven good moral into this movie. Just take a look at this video

The movie is hilarious. It shows about how fiancée of Trisha played by Madhavan doubts her character and ends up hiring Kamal as a detective. This common act performed by almost all family’s today backfires on him because he fails to pay what the dective (Kamal) has asked. At the end Trisha and Madhavan split and Kamal and Trisha fall in love.

Shot in Paris, Barcelona and Venice and having guest actors like Surya, this movie is truly worth watching and gives a glimpse of how fragile and stupid human commitments and relations are.

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