Wishing me ‘Happy new year’

01 Jan

This what happens if someone wishes me ‘Happy new year’ (Google chat transcript):

udaya:  happy new year boss

me:  if I am not happy what will u do?
Sent at 7:30 AM on Saturday
udaya:  Remind vivek face,surely u will laugh.then u feel happy
Sent at 7:32 AM on Saturday
udaya:  now happy?
Sent at 7:35 AM on Saturday
me:  nope i wish a plate of mutton briyani, chicken 65, and chicken soup
give it and wish me happy new year
I will accept
udaya:  Then Unhappy new year
me:  r u saddist?
don’t u feel ashamed of ur self being one
udaya:  hmmm.jus for fun
me:  ur saddist for fun?
oh my god!
now I know why humanity is such a crap
Sent at 7:44 AM on Saturday
udaya:  hmmm
Sent at 7:45 AM on Saturday
udaya has entered text
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Posted by on January 1, 2011 in Personal, Philosophy


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