Satyabhama University students suck

10 Jan

Few days ago I saw Jeppiar speaking in a video, he claimed that education has a degree but discipline has no degree. In November some Satyabama University students studying BSC came upto me for doing college project. I accepted their offer.

They are very much known to me, they knew they have to work to complete their project. Unlike other project centers I don’t sell ready made projects, I make students work. The students studiously agreed to work hard to complete project an all started well.

I found them that they were absenting them self from class often and one day I slammed them and they got wild. It was then their true colors emerged. One of them came to speak to me. What he said was shocking and unimaginably insulting. He said ‘Sir in all project centers if they give money to complete project, many of them have completed their project, we haven’t. We will learn after we have completed the project’. It was one of greatest insult I faced in my life. If I were God I would have killed them that instant. Fucking Indian law, if I had to kill an morally inferior person I had spend a lot to stay free and for law to stay away from. A luxury I can afford now.

Then came this Indian sentimental statement ‘sir our life is in your hands said they’. Fuckers, fit for nothing chunks of meat. If Jeppiar is claiming that he is cultivating disciplined students, then why on Earth are they so stupid and addicted to enjoyment. Is not keeping ones word and falling on to feet of some one called discipline?

His students know what is education, what is discipline and all they have learned in three ears of colleging is to say “yes boss” and fall in someones feet when time comes. Fucking Jeppiar, his Satyabama university and his students. If you are a good parent and really wish your child to come up in life please don’t put him or her in that college. If you put in, put in after Jeppiar is dead.

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Posted by on January 10, 2011 in Education


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