Whats Piracy?

14 Jan

Today I saw a link on of the movie 127 hours. I heard it was a good movie and I posted this link on Twitter and Facebook. Immediately one of my friends (who I thinks works for (fucking) Microsoft) commented “Don’t support piracy”. I was quiet shocked. This poor guy’s brain is so washed by the Bill Gates team that he doesn’t even know what piracy is.

Lets take this scenario. Each Windows distribution thats shipped by Microsoft contains millions of zero’s and ones in it (thats how data is represented to computers). So since zero was invented in India, did Microsoft pay any royalties to my my nation? Why doesn’t my friend question that? Is he dumb? An idiot? Stupid? Insane? Incapable of thinking alone? And does he listen to others and act like a puppet? I don’t know! Its hilarious to think about him.

Lets take another example. Its quiet established that modern agriculture came into place in Syria. Thousands of years ago Mr. X who was a non Syrian bought some grains (he owns the grains he bought mind you), he knew how to duplicate the grains (by a new method called agriculture). He took it to his country and multiplied it. Syria did not claim any patent laws, if it did there would none left in this world other than Syrians.

In a similar manner one of my unknown friend from somewhere got a copy of this movie 127 hours. He / She liked it and wanted to share it. He knows the method to share it and so he did it on , when I told about it to my friends that some good guy is sharing a beautiful stuff he has, its called piracy. Really wonder whats going on?


Posted by on January 14, 2011 in Electronic Freedom


2 responses to “Whats Piracy?

  1. kranker

    May 6, 2011 at 5:58 AM

    I think you don’t know the effects of piracy. Do you? why do you always insult people by using words like “f*****g” ? Please mind your language. If people act like stupid, tell them to change instead of using worst words to insult them.
    You don’t know really how much the programmers struggle to develop a good piece of software and how easy it is to crack and share it. A good programmer on an average spends about 10-15 weeks to develop a multimedia player software (of course its not only about multimedia player, also other software such as productivity and maintenance tools…etc). It takes only 2-3 hours for a good cracker to crack it. Don’t you really know the pain of it—spending weeks to develop and just hours to crack it.
    Not only this but even before the programmer can meet his expenses, his cracked software appears on net. Such a waste.
    Now this is not only the case with just programmers. Think how much the directors and actors and all others work hard to make a movie ! It takes from weeks to months.
    And we are here sharing all those things with attitude – “who cares?”
    Please people change. We cannot stop piracy but atleast we can regulate it.
    If you get any good software or movie then please instead of sharing it immediately just wait for a week or two before releasing it so that at least “those people” get their expenses.

    • karthikeyanblogs

      May 6, 2011 at 3:41 PM

      @kranker Its simple. If I own a stuff, then I must have right to do what ever I want with it. Hackers have freed the world and given ownership to the end user, this has accelerated the progress of human race into the digital world.

      Many open source projects like VLC media player, that gives away stuff fr free has made money and is thriving. Many free to watch movies are emerging. If you want your products to be shackled may you sell it shackled. If some one is smart enough to break it, you have to accept it.

      I think people must drop this idea of making money from everything.


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