Aiyappan myth is a spoof

22 Jan


Today morning in THE HINDU, Chennai edition, page 11, I saw the following headline: Makarajyothi is man made. I didn’t have the time to read the entire article, but it was evident from a glance that the people behind Aiyappan temple had admitted to it. They were questioned by the Kerala high court and look that they had no way but to reveal the truth.

Decade upon decade rationalists have revolted against cheat of people by the Aiyappan devastam, yet it has fallen into deaf ears. Many went to Aiyappan temple even though they knew all this stupid stuff were happening. I wonder why people are like this. There are flaws in human brain, it makes us believe and fall into things that are completely stupid. It makes us think the sparks we see are divine interference, coincide look like destiny, stones become divine, things tossed into fire goes to heaven, wine becomes blood, bread becomes flesh, killing goat on particular day become a way to purity. Why can’t people realize their brains are flawed and try to correct it.

Life is not belief. Its truth, its science, humans must know to analyze their life like scientist analyzes his reasoning. Humans must know or learn from now to live life in fact filled world rather than to live in fantasy. Its a free world. Think and live or believe and die. The choice is yours.

Really wonder what the Aiyappan trust is going to tell families who have lost their loved ones who ventured out to their temple?

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Posted by on January 22, 2011 in Philosophy


One response to “Aiyappan myth is a spoof

  1. vivek

    January 29, 2011 at 3:03 AM

    its really awesom i lik it……….
    wel ur human……………………………..


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