God Save Girls

26 Jan

Shackled Girl

I should have finished my intense exercise drill, sat before computer and must be coding to achieve my dream of becoming a Ruby Jedi. Or I must be deriving formulas to run my latest web venture, but here I am writing a blog because I spoke with one very good girl who I regard very high. She is a gem. In a age where girls dream of finishing an education, getting job and getting married, she dreams of setting up industries and blah blah. Girls must live like that, why on Earth should they spend time in kitchen and cooking for some one? Whats the purpose of hotels then?

OK, lets come to the point. I just heard that in Tamilnadu southern districts, girls should not venture out after 6PM. I couldn’t believe it. I am still shaking my head left to right. Another thing I heard is, girls should not talk aloud! What the heck is all this? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it happens in Tamilnadu, the state which stood at forefront of cultural revolution in India. We were the first state to voice against Aryan beliefs. Subramnaiya Bharathiyar and Periyaar roared in this land. They fought for equality of every soul. Equality of man, women and trans-gender humans. And after their life’s are gone, and somewhat half a century later I hear these shocking words from an girl who I expect to fly high in future. God please come out of your hiding if you exist. This world is too crazy.

Though this one is stupid, it answers some questions I had. My first two girl friends behaved really strange. Both lived in southern Tamilnadu, both liked me very much and both vanished just like that. Our love was rejected straight by their families and I wasn’t even invited for their wedding.

Its not just with Tamilnadu. One of my friend lives just two streets away from home. He is from Kerala, he faced financial difficulty, I proposed that his wife must work and he agreed and sent her to the company I referred and she got the job. These two people knew each other as they loved and ran away from their families and wedded here in Chennai. After few weeks I happened to meet my friend and asked how is wife is doing in job. To my horror he said he terminated her work after she went for just one day. The reason, my friend says no women in their family had worked, women need to be safeguarded, they are ‘putrasree’ (or some bloody stuff) said he. He also said no women in Kerala ventured out after dark and its wrong for girls in Chennai to go out after dark. He is a nice guy, but a jerk.

I really don’t understand. Here I feel guilty of eating food cooked by my mom. I want her to teach her children well in her school. She has won many awards for outstanding teacher, and she toils in kitchen when she is not at work. I have no solution to stop her doing house work. All my ideas of freeing her have gone to trash. I have to live with that guilt and here I hear in other parts of my own nation the things are far far worst.

Frankly I don’t know what to say. Imagine if girls are let free, our GDP could increase somewhere between 30% to 50%. Girls would have not only smiled in their face, but in their hearts as well. My very first love would have been a grand success. I neither have will, time, money or power to fight for girls. God save girls, or should they realize god doesn’t exist and must try saving themselves?

And last but not the least, we guys must not consider a girl as a possession. Its high time we regard them as fellow humans. There is simply no difference between Hitler and all men if this trend continues. Hitler killed his own country men, we kill thoughts of our fellow womankind. Both sins are equal and need to be punished the same amount in hell.


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3 responses to “God Save Girls

  1. Tim Lundmark

    January 26, 2011 at 4:35 PM

    I cannot believe in 2011 there are places in this world where woman are not free and liberated. It is sad there are places which still oppress their people. I feel we in America are oppressed, but just in a different way. We are not out right oppressed like it sounds in your country. I am just shocked by this. If you believe in this so much it is your duty to stand up and fight the best way you can. We are charged with the duty of defending our fellow man/woman. When we see injustices we are obligated to speak out against the tyranny.

  2. zenwalker

    January 26, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    Welcome to the actual typical Indian mind set!! 😉

  3. manathinkizhisalgal

    November 10, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    I can offer you a number of example about this post… In Tamilnadu as far as i knew i can find guys like your friend before marriage and even after marriage trying to protect their girlfriend and wife by keeping them in golden cage. Which girl asks for a golden cage? All they ask for is a poor heart that understands their talents and provide an opportunity for their life to make it a meaningful one… But most of the guys just suck in their old-fashioned ideas on women and destroy their future… 😦 Am happy to find you different from the guys i met and i appreciate your views on women. Thanks to you 🙂


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