Improving chemistry in our classrooms

29 Jan

I read in The Hindu news paper an article of how chemistry is now reduced to by-heart and vomit during examination. Quality and quantity of chemists is dwindling in our nation, the article recommended that there is a need for a revised syllabus, but apart from revising the syllabus I think we must take an hands on approach. Every one likes chemistry. Many of us in our childhood dreamed of creating bomb and blowing up our school, headmasters and teachers. Then why on Earth this nation is so weak in this subject.

I think schools must allow their pupils to make their own bombs. Pupils must be given to free access to chemistry labs. They must be able to drop into labs at any time, pull out almost any reagent and start experimenting with it (of-course with an watchful eye of a guardian). If school cant encourage one to create a bomb, at-least give them some Potassium nitrate, sulfur and charcoal and tell them to mix it to form 5 grams of gun powder. Let them fire it and inhale the smell of sulfur. This will surely make them interested in the subject.

Computer science and I.T industry is succeeding because many kids have access to computers either in their school / college labs or at-least in their homes. They feel it, they know what computers can do. They know that computers can compete with them in strategy games, fire and kill them in battles, search data and help them make research. Kids know the power of computers hence they are confident about it. In a similar fashion kids must know the power of chemical reactions. They must know that every cell in our body is a chemical processor, they must know that carefully controlled chemical reactions can make something wonderful like computer chips and blah blah.

The government must pump more money into chemistry labs. It must be open to all pupils around the clock. Pupils must be encouraged to spend hours and hours in their chemistry lab just like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Steve Woznick spent hours before electronic gadgets that would become modern day computer. If students experience something practically, then theory becomes easy to learn and when students grab the what can be done with chemical technology, nothing can stop them from becoming a genius.

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Posted by on January 29, 2011 in Education, Technology


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