Study for what?

01 Feb

My college mate called me up, it was a kind of usual thing, he got screwed up in his job. The company he is in gave him a headache by telling him to do more than he can or wished to do. This thing happens in all I.T companies in India. People are hired, given more work than they can possibly do and work is squeezed out of them. When they get a kind of mentally retarded they are chucked out as worthless piece of trash.

Well, this trend goes on because there are more and more people to work in Information Technology industry than ever before. Thats because this industry pays you large amounts of steady income. You would possibly earn more than your father does right at the first payslip and that will make you feel like god. People around India are crazy about getting into a info tech multinational and see their wallets getting fat. In the process of this rush they miss out one important aspect: Life!

Ones education is closely linked to life. A bushman in his desert sees a treasure chest of food and survival stuff in his land, if we were there will die in a matter of days. Bushmen teach their young one these skills of survival and not Algebra and Trigonometry which we have learned. Japanese kids are thought to use chopsticks where as one in Europe is thought to use knife, fork and spoon. Why? Because the soul purpose of education is to  make your life better rather than worst.

My friend is a engineer like me. He must be able to build great software, offer consultations to companies and if he wishes start his own business in a shack. Yet he is reduced to a person who is forced to depend on payslip every month end. I wonder whats the purpose of his studies?

I asked him a simple question (apparently after 11 years we first met) , I asked him weather he took his study because he liked it or because it was  forced upon him? The answer was, he had taken it because it would offer him a fat pay. Thats the stupidest thing a human can do and unfortunately most humans (in India) are stupid. In return they are sacrificing their lifes for it.

One must like what he studies and one must like what work he does. Else life will become a mess. If a work doesn’t suit you, better try another one. I advised him that his primary goal was to make money and he must be focused on money and try to make money some how rather than to seek info tech as his source of revenue. Well this honest statement from me was received like a pill by him.

If you are some one in your higher secondary school or something, please think what you study for. Is it to make your life better or trade those numbers/grades on your  mark sheet to make your purse swell?

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