IFFCO-TOKIO insurance is 100% fraud

03 Feb


Hello people, many of you would have insured your vehicle so that in case of any mishap the insurance company would pay at least a part of the loss you face. Insurance companies claim this and that and at last try to send in agents who twist your thought and make you believe that you don’t deserve the insurance amount.

This thing happened to my friend days ago. He had worked hard, earned, and with his sweat and blood got a TATA Safari (TN 22 B 2727). He had insured it in IFFCO TOKIO insurance. His vehicle met with a  accident. IFFCO sent a agent named Harish (Ph: 9500013133). This agent seems not to believe that my friends car has met with a accident though the car was standing right in front of his eyes. Irritated, my friend called me up and told me post it on my blog. My friend Senthil (Ph: 9789992573) who never gets irritated seemed to have been bugged by the IFFCO agent to the hilt.

The reason why I write this blog is if you are one who want to get your vehicle insured, please don’t get seduced by false promise of IFFCO TOKIO. If you have insured your vehicle in IFFCO TOKIO please try stopping payment and better re-insure it in another insurance company that serves better or cheats you less.

You can call my friend Senthil, Ph: 9789992573 and ask him about the mental torture he went through trusting IFFCO TOKIO.


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9 responses to “IFFCO-TOKIO insurance is 100% fraud

  1. karthikeyanblogs

    March 3, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    IFFCO-TOKIO company saw this blog and have paid the damages (or done their duty) to my friend. However they are calling and bugging him to force me to remove this blog.

    I will not remove this blog. An incident has happened and I have blogged about it and thats it. If IFFCO-TOKIO bugs my friend further, I will post another blog that says ‘IFFCO-TOKIO bugs my friend’.

  2. karthikeyanblogs

    June 21, 2011 at 2:08 PM

    Please refrain from calling my friend Mr. Senthil as he does not want to receive calls regarding this matter, as he feels its bugging him.

  3. Amit Yadav

    August 6, 2011 at 4:09 AM

    I completely agree with this gentlemen that IFFCO TOKIO is a big fraud and a lousy company. My car Met with an accident 3 weeks back and since than they have not done anything. There senior person mr manoj (9810243045) was supposed to inform me on last Friday but on Friday he told me by Tuesday ie 2nd aug the matter will be solved and till today ie 6 th aug he has not done anything inspite of repeated reminders.

    Please cross check before taking insurance of this company.


    February 27, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    I also agree IFFCO TOKIO is fraud , they make thousands of promises while doing insurance & when it comes to claim they make thousands of excuses. Their survyer MR AJAY BAJAJ (CAR ACCIDENT claim )is only concerned about his job, he has no responsibility to satisfy his coustmers.

  5. ashok s dustakar

    June 6, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    Sir, My name is Ashok S Dustakar ( mumbai, Thane i haveToyota Etios car which was only 2 month old, met an accident two month earlier.i have fit a rto pass CNG kit in it,the very next day i have done rto formalities ligaly, but on the third day i remove the CNG kit as i was not happy with the perfomes …pickup etc. so i did not informed the insurance company.but had completed the rto passing with the official when the car met an accident the sever came to inspect the vehicle, an has approve the most outer parts than next day he came again to inspect the inside damage which they call KEPT-OPEN. that time he approve all parts and told the garage ( toyota Dealer) to start the work ,( the surveyer is shree nitin patil ) now the car is ready for delivery. he inspected the vehical again and next day he send a mail to the garage for laibilty which says DO NOT RELEASE THE VEHICAL ON CASH LESS BASIS,AS AT THE TIME OF KEPTOPEN SOME CNG FITMENT MARKS WERE SEEN SO THE MATTER IS UNDER INVESTIGATION. now my qst is they could have ask me before at the time of KEPTOPEN , so i could have ans them alonge with the official rto passing papers and if they were not happy i could have taken my own decision whether i will fight against there decision or sell the vehicle or repair with low budget any where. now i am bound to pay them 1 lakh 60 thousand Rs( Toyota showroom here in thane). by force, next i went to insurance office they told me we are doing investigation yet, next day a Sardarji from bright and company call me at the showroom .his 1st qst was what is ur income,how much u earn, we need your six month bank statement your one year income tax IT, how can u afford a petrol car. i have a tourist business for which i have 2 separate cars. and this car was my own personal use. he ask me how can u run a car about 10000 km in 3 moths. i ans him i went to shirdi saibaba, than 5 times to my village Mumbai to kankavli which is 995 km 2way than i went to my relatives in Delhi the km run was about 3800 and also i can prove it with my mobile bill.give us your toll bills,( i told him i don,t have as i was not knowing that the car will meet an accident ) and he also said that ur claim has been rejected by the company so u give in writing right now that ur withdrawing the claim now, but i did not agree with him. in this case pls advise me what should i do. the car is still lying with the dealer and i will be paying there parking charges and my bank installment.The insure company is iffko-tokio. now last 2days before they told that they only pay 40%. I m not agree with contact no is 09967189998. Thanks

  6. Abhishek

    July 10, 2013 at 9:16 AM

    My parked car was damaged by reversing tractor 4 days ago.. bonnet and right fender damaged badly.. IFFCO TOKIO came for inspection and says he doesnt believe me and I am trying to make some bogus claim of an old accident. Now why on earth would I do that? and in any case a damage is a damage and they need to pay… also, the damage is so new.. and yet they cant bloody see it..
    Now they are saying we have inspected and rejected your claim…so I will lose the no claim bonus.. WTF?? This is double fraud..1) they dont pay 2) they pull away your no claim bonus..
    Now I have to shell out about 25K from my pocket to repair my car…for which I have insurance for 4 yrs

    Simple logic.. if I kick out insurance and save 8K per year for four years..I would have had 32K plus interest which would easily covered my above damage…


  7. Shishir Bhatnagar

    July 15, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    After suffering a serious spinal cord injury that has left me paralyzed below the chest, my insurance claim was denied by IFFCO-TOKIO on fraudulent basis. IFFCO-TOKIO appointed a surveyor to fudge up the facts of the case and make false reports. I have been fighting since October 2011 against them having approached the insurance ombudsman as well. Now it seems, reaching out to media and exposing them is the only option left.


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